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We want to make the best podcasts in the world, and you can help.

5by5 was made possible by our listeners' ongoing support since the very beginning, and although we've grown a lot since then, we still need your help to produce and create the best shows. With our move (back) into video, we need your help now more than ever.

Your donation goes towards the operational costs of running our studio, audio and video editing, paying for hosting and bandwidth, expanding (back) into video, and so much more.

Although we have sponsors, your support helps us keep them minimal (about one minute of sponsorships for every 20 minutes of content) and our ad spots non-intrusive, and allows us to be selective in the sponsors we choose, partnering with companies we feel are the most relevant to our audience and not merely those with deep pockets.

There are multiple ways to help out, all of which can be changed or cancelled at any time.

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