Bingeworthy: Mr. Robot Retired

Bingeworthy: Mr. Robot

Join us before and after you dive into the show everyone says "OMG, you haven't seen that yet?!" We discuss the best shows, old and new, season by season, with a Primer episode and a Wrap Up episode. Tweet us @BingeworthyShow using #AreYouStillWatching

Hosted by Haddie Cooke, Maggie Ball, and Dan Benjamin.

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2: Season 1 Wrap Up

September 4, 2015 at 2:15PM • 1 hour 19 minutes • Wiki Entry

Dan, Haddie, and Maggie return for this Wrap Up episode to talk about Season 1 of Mr. Robot in its entirety!

This episode contains spoilers for all of Season 1!

We cover everything from parallels to real life events in the past and present, some overarching themes, the director's (Sam Esmail) multiple 'tip-of-the-hat's to various films and noteworthy directors, the potential social effects of glamorizing hacking, how re-watching the season reveals just how obvious certain plot twists were, and predictions and questions to ask yourself about Season 2. #AreYouStillWatching

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