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Hosted by Adam Dachis, Darren Herczeg, Erica Elson, and Richard Cardenas.

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247: Not Married Without Children

May 5, 2019 at 4:00PM • 58 minutes • Wiki Entry

This awkward week we're talking about possible pity problems, not getting married, and snapchat romance with special guest Will Sterling!

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Awkward Story Time: Will fills in the blanks of Sarah's story (from Episode 243: "ATM")

Special guest: Will Sterling 

Awkward Story Time: Sex and the Floorboards II: Will fills in the blanks of Sarah's story (from Episode 243: "ATM")


Anonymous: "Aloha guys. I've been a long time listener since you started the podcast back in 2013 / 14. I come from a very small town (I won't say where but it is outside of the United States) and a lot of the laws are quite outdated here. I found accepting myself very difficult growing up and I made some shitty decisions, so every day after school I would wack on the podcast and listen to Erica's sass or Darren's classic banter (or the fart rapist, that shit had me dying) I'm not a huge listener anymore as I have grown up and am doing my own thing, but I think that in today's fucked up world, something we should all remember is no matter the awkward situation, you will get through it with love, peace and understanding. Peace out bitches :)"

Mattheyós: ""Hey! Hey. Psst. HEY! Trying to sleep? Remember that horrible thing that happened to you around 5 years ago? Yeah that was pretty bad, wasn't it? Well good luck sleeping! (3 hours later) Psst. Remember that thing that that kid said to a 12 years ago when you were in high school? Ok bye!" They got it pretty close in the last season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. "I remember everything that's ever happened to me. It's horrible.""

Anonymous: "Hey so my friend said he thinks my girlfriend is going out with me because she feels bad for me and not because she likes me. I'm not very popular bot not unpopular. How can I tell if she does like me or not?"

Jessie: "Aloha Awkwards!

I'm Jessie (24y/straight/woman). My boyfriend (Tony) is the best. He comes from a "traditional" family tho and despite that he's quite crazy like myself. But...he does want to marry me and I don't want to be married. Not now and maybe not ever. He knows and we've talked about it. It really bothers him. We don't want kids and he's not insecure about it. He just wants it cause he wants it. He's the romantic of us two. It's okay for now but we just came up on four years. I don't want him to mope on marriage until it turns into a dealbreaker. I don't want the legal part and he does so we can't "pretend". So what do you think we should do?


Ty: "I got asked out by some sexy dude on Snapchat. We got a date tomorrow and I'm gonna go...but is this like a bad idea? Can it work?"