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246: Hallways for Hotdogs

April 25, 2019 at 12:00PM • 1 hour 14 minutes • Wiki Entry

This awkward week we're talking about nipple concealer, little poles in big holes, dick selfies, and an in-law triplex with special guest Caitlin Curl!

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Awkward Story Time: Caitlin enjoys a beer at the movie theater.

Special guests: Caitlin Curl 


Mattheyós: An article from Motherboard: "This GoPro for Your Dick Is Ridiculous"

Skinny Allison: "Aloha Coworkers,

About a year ago my husband’s sister Natalie, began the process of a nasty divorce. Needless to say, she was on the hunt for affordable living for her and her two daughters. In hopes of aiding her in this process her parents (my in-laws) bought a triplex and then rented the second floor out to her.

My friend David was on the lookout for a place to live around that time and I was able to get him in contact with my in-laws, and he now rents the 3rd floor above Natalie.

David’s apartment is highly organized, clean, and well-decorated. He is respectful and gets along with the other tenants well. Until last night.

The flooring in this space is thin, so you can hear everything happening in Natalie’s apartment and vice versa . David works night shifts at a restaurant so he keeps different hours than Natalie and her early rising children.

Last night around 1:30am David had guest over and received a text from Natalie asking him to keep it quiet. He apologized and agreed to do so. Natalie’s response was not so kind. She started quoting the lease stating that after 12pm he should be quiet. Again he apologized stating that he just got home from work and they were making food in the kitchen, which is directly above her bedroom.

Natalie doesn’t respond to that text but then proceeds to knock on his door at 8:30am this morning until he got up to answer it. She immediately screams at him about how she missed her alarm this morning because he kept her up, and if he can’t be quiet after midnight, he needs to move.

Natalie is bipolar, and while she is medicated for this, she still has been known to fly of the handle from time to time. In addition, her divorce is still dragging on, so she is under a lot of stress I’m sure.

However, I feel like if Natalie’s parents didn’t own the joint, she wouldn’t feel privileged enough to knock on his door and chew his ass out. I’m also embarrassed because I told David to live here and now he has to deal with this wild woman. I understand he needs to be respectful, but knowing him and his nature, I feel that he has been nothing but.

Side note, Natalie’s children were at their father’s house last night not hers, so he was not disturbing sleeping kids either.

What should David and/or I do? Because this involves my friend and in-laws I feel overly involved and want to help. Sorry for the long message!"

Sam: "Dear Awkward Humans,
Sam here. I got a rad boyfriend Jerre (pronounced Jerry, I know.) Long story short (no kidding) he’s got a small dick (like 4 inches not micro) and not very thick. He's the top. I'm the bottom. I have a very zen butthole because I like to be fucked. I don't tense up or nothing. Problem is, Jerre doesn't get a lot of sensation from fucking me and tbh it's not intense for me (not that I mind. Anyways do you got some ideas on how to deal with this? We make it work but I want to make it work better for him mostly.


Mr. Nipples: "Oh hello
I have very firm nipples and they makes tents in my shirt. They even do it with thick ones like polos.
A tank top and a work shirt hides it. I mean the button downs except they feel like wearing crumpled up paper to me and I don't like it.
My friends tease me about it a lot. They don't get mean except it does make me insecure a lot.
I think you said before that you know of a nipple hiding solution for exercise? Could I use this?
Please let me know at your earliest convenience.
Yours truly,
Mr. Nipples"