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195: The Wrong Reason to Have an Abortion

January 21, 2018 at 10:00PM • 1 hour 8 minutes • Wiki Entry

This awkward week we're talking about childhood friends with benefits, abortion pep talks, and emotional porn moments. Got questions/comments/stories/whatevers? Call/text 509-AWKWARD or visit for many options!

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Awkward Situation of the Week: Mr. Duncan Buttersworth isn't sure how to deal with racism.

This Week's Questions:

  • Mom (40s) asks, "I am a mother who is sampling opinions. My son is 15 and has two friends with benefits...... that I know of! As a mother I feel like I want to superglue his pants on him for the rest of his life. As a woman or human being I know better. I need to talk to my boy about this so I know he's treating the girls with respect and doing it safe. I am concerned that a teenage boy will trigger emotions if I do and I'll sign him up for a monastery. Please tell me how you would want your mother to have this very AWKWARD talk with you. Yes I know want is a very strong word."
  • Jenny (22/SF) asks, "Aloha awkwards I need help. Getting it out of the way I have an asshole boyfriend who got me pregnant. I'm scared of abortions. No problem with morals but I grew up in a family with some (good riddance) so that did a number on me. Lotsa prolife talk around the table. My dad said shit about abortions like 'it's coat hanger suicide' and 'they use a pussy vacuum to suck out the baby soul.' That's nightmare feed now. Thanks dad. Not my boyfriend's fault for getting me pregnant. We both got fucked up and fucked w/o condoms so yeah but he's in the 'don't abort don't support' camp since he's got a job and grad school to do so no time for being a dad but is all anti abortion too. Good fucking grief. I don't think my kid needs a dad if I have it but it needs money. My job's okay but I don't have money to buy a life for kitty save a human kid. Erica have you had abortions? How do you get over the 'pussy vacuum' nightmares? I don't want to be a shit mom but if honest the real carrot is that abortion would get back at my boyfriend. Yeah we haven't broken up yet. It's some toxic shit right now. Give me an abortion pep talk please."
  • sacky asks, "u ever cry when u masturbat? i cried just with sum lezzie prn last night. it was during pusyy eatin. i came & cried b4. was it beauty or sadness? i dunno. whats wrong wit me?"

Special Segment: Mathœyós tells the whole story!

Final Thoughts: Masturbat!

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