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The Awkward Human Survival Guide

The Awkward Human Survival Guide answers the uncomfortable questions everyone encounters on an unfortunately regular basis and talks to people around the world who embrace the stranger side of life.

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115: Cherries: You Can't Pop Just One (the Same Way)

May 24, 2016 at 10:00PM • 1 hour 9 minutes • Wiki Entry

This awkward week we're talking about virginity, virginity, and more virginity. Questions/comments/stories/hot dogs? Call/text 509-AWKWARD or visit!

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Awkward Situation of the Week: The gang shares their lost virginity stories and wishes Mattheyóus a very happy birthday (on the 25th).

This Week's Questions:

  • Giancarlo (19/GM) asks, "Dear coworkers, can you tell me about your first time having sex? I am a gay bottom but a virgin. I just know already I will be a bottom no doubt. I have a friend who I want to take my virginity and he said he would but I have two things to ask you about. One, he is poz so I am worried about getting HIV from him even with condoms. What if it breaks? I’m very scared of HIV so I don’t know if I can go through with it but I don’t think I should be scared. I know about PReP but I don’t want to take drugs if that’s possible. Two, I want to know what losing your virginity feels like so I don’t make too many mistakes. Can you share your stories with me and advice on it? My friends just said stupid things to me that didn’t help."
  • Rob (Old/SM) asks, "Listen to Voicemail"
  • Olivia (26/SF) asks, "i'm a 26 year old female and i've been with my boyfriend(who is 29 years old) for over a year and a half. we live together and he has A LOT of stuff. all i brought in was a tv, some consoles/video games, and my clothes. i have more but it's being stored(not at a cost to me so it isn't an issue) because i moved in with him, so he already had everything we'd need. he lived in a two bedroom apartment when i met him with a lot more room, i started staying over a lot, his lease ended and we got our own one bedroom apartment. a one bedroom is notably smaller so he got rid of a lot because there was simply too much. he still has so much, though. my parents helped us move some of it and my mom jokingly says he's a hoarder. it isn't like it's garbage everywhere, there's nothing trashy, he just has a lot of artsy stuff and likes things to look a certain way so he has decorative items and a lot of kitchen stuff that doesn't fit... hopefully that makes sense and you kind of get a better idea of it. so he complains if i put my purse on a chest we have behind the couch and tells me to hang it up by the door, but all of the hooks are taken up by his stuff. he says i can put it in the closet, but the closet is full of our clothes plus used as extra storage up top for the rest of his things. it drives me insane and when i try to tell him i want more room for my own things, or that i want to put something as simple as a dry erase board up, he gets mad and says the dry erase board can go by my side of the bed otherwise it would look stupid anywhere else. or that i should get rid of some of my clothes, or that i'm nagging him. i'm just not sure how to make him see that we both live there, not just him, and i'm not just a visitor. he previously had a girlfriend for 6 years so it isn't like he isn't used to living with someone else but he said they had a two bedroom because they had so much stuff. am i the only one who doesn't see a need for so many pointless things????? i like simplicity but i also really just want to feel like i'm part of the apartment too, other than pictures of us displayed around the apartment(like on a side table or in the kitchen). i don't know what to do other than just get over it because it doesn't feel like it will ever change and he really doesn't see an issue with any of it at all."
  • Tony (18/GM) asks, "Why’s it so hard to talk in person but not online? I know I have more time to think about saying stuff but I don’t need it when doing online chats and whatnot. In person I get so nervous that I can’t think as much. Why does that happen in person but not at home at the computer? I ruined a lot of dates by being nervous. Can I pretend my date is a computer somehow? How do I date if I am like this way or how can I overcome it? By the way I am 18 and gay, thanks."
  • Allegra asks, "Hello, my name is Allegra and I'm from Italy. I have written because I'm very sad by the end of Ankward. February 7, 2012 came out the first episode of your series in Italy, and on that day I was very angry. I was sad and disappointed for many reasons, but when I turned on the TV , there was your bet live. I saw myself looking into your main character, Jenna. Since that day I have always followed, and I never missed an episode. Your program has helped me a lot , and when I was angry ,in the past few years , I had only to look at some old episode to return the smile. Now a rumor , that the fifth season will be the last. I'm really destroyed I love your tv show. I can not live without it. Excuse my English , I'm not very good. I hope you change your mind and hope you will do the other seasons after the fifth. thanks for everything"

Special Segment: Kate Monro, creator of the Virginity Project, talks about first times and helps us answer related questions.

Final Thoughts: We finally had a thought, but it's a secret thought. So, sorry, it's private. It's just too private to share right now. Sincerely, Lionel.