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This Is 5by5

5by5 is a podcast production company, home to shows like The Talk Show, Back to Work, The Big Web Show, The Pipeline, and more, with hosts including Dan Benjamin, John Gruber, Merlin Mann, and Jeffrey Zeldman.

5by5 was founded in 2009 by Dan Benjamin as a company to centralize, produce, and distribute the podcasts he and his co-hosts were creating. Dan had an early start in podcasting, experimenting with the medium for several years until launching his formal interview show, The Hivelogic Podcast, in early 2007.

At 5by5, Dan is a host and co-host, producer, sales person, editor, engineer, and janitor. 5by5 is Dan’s full-time job, but he couldn’t do it alone. Learn more about 5by5’s co-hosts, crew, and amazing guests.

Our Shows and Recording Schedule

We record our shows live and broadcast the audio (and sometimes video) on the 5by5 Livestream page all week long. Check the frequently-updated broadcast schedule for details.

The Website

The 5by5 website was created, designed, and coded by Dan Benjamin. The site is powered by a custom Ruby on Rails CMS which Dan created specifically for publishing and delivering 5by5’s broadcasts on a large scale. It isn’t open-source or available for sale or licensing. The 5by5 website and assets are hosted in the Joyent Cloud.

The typeface used on 5by5 is Franklin Gothic, served up and integrated using Typekit. Videos are hosted by both Wistia and Viddler.

The 5by5 logo and all of our show artwork were designed by Jory Raphael of Sensible World, creator of the fantastic Symbolicons icon set.

Several social media icons were created by Paul Lloyd.

Connecting with Us

Dan and the other 5by5 co-hosts and crew are active on many social networks including Twitter (@danbenjamin, @5by5), and Facebook. 5by5 also has a well established presence on iTunes. You can also contact us directly with your ideas, comments, and feedback.

5by5 also has a blog, wiki, newsletter, and an active IRC channel.

Our Sponsors

We work incredibly hard to find sponsors that our audience will love, putting them in front of a large audience of smart, tech-savvy listeners. Please see our advertising page if you're interested in sponsoring our broadcasts.

The “Five by Five” Phrase

Five by five is an old-school term defined as a signal that has excellent strength and perfect clarity – the most understandable signal possible. This phrase is still in use today and can be heard across many forms of media, including movies like Aliens and Mission: Impossible.

Supporting 5by5

Listening to and helping spread the word about our shows is the best way to support 5by5. Rating the shows in iTunes is another way to help new people find out about us. There are also several other ways to help support 5by5.


You can support 5by5 and contribute to our operating costs through memberships and one-time donations. Visit the 5by5 Donate page for more information.